We Store


We Store is a new online self-storage provider for the discerning city dweller. The unique service allows customers to order boxes online, have them delivered to a house or office for packing, and then picked up at a chosen collection time to be stored safely until they are needed again.

As a new contender in the self-storage industry, We Store hired Red Hot Penny to build the digital home for their new online venture. Our team saw it as a challenge to break the rules, and change perceptions of what a self-storage website could be. From art direction to copywriting, business rules to workflows, Red Hot Penny worked across the entire span of We Store’s business to help this tech start-up get ahead of the game.


Red Hot Penny designed a solution that worked in three guises to address the different facets of the We Store business - firstly, a B2C marketing site outlining the core business offering and benefits compared to similar storage solutions. Our team ensured the UI design, typography and colour palettes were both user-friendly and compelling, and placed storytelling at the heart of the customer experience. Key calls to action were also included at each stage of the site journey to make it easy to convert customers once they had decided to purchase.

Lastly, Red Hot Penny developed an automated workflow system to seamlessly integrate We Store with carriers and SEKO Logistics warehouse management system. The system was built around 5 key touch points so the website was able to tell customers exactly where their belongings were at any given time.


“Since our initial meeting with the team, we knew we had chosen the right partner to work on our product. Red Hot Penny's approach to our business was both comprehensive, agile and professional, resulting in real value add to the We Store business model. This is a real achievement given all the moving parts of this project.”

Henry Villiers, Founder, We Store

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