Warners Group Publications is a large privately owned publishing company established in 1988. The Group offers a wide range of publishing services to clients, and has more than 30 independent magazine titles, covering a broad range of both consumer and B2B markets. 

Red Hot Penny was approached to help Warners develop a system to increase their presence in the online publishing world. After identifying a decline in traditional publishing, Warners needed to boost their presence and create additional revenue streams for their business.

The group also wanted to improve their own workflow processes to increase internal efficiency, particularly for the various different editors across their range of publications.


Red Hot Penny was called on to create a complex bespoke solution using the Microsoft.Net framework, incorporating the client’s full list of required features. The new system facilitated ecommerce functionality to allow for magazine subscriptions, an advertising module to monetise the Group’s valuable web properties and a classified’s system to allow readers to sell their own items online.

Our web development team spent considerable time reformulating an engagement strategy for the Group, to allow them to generate value from online customers and widen the reach of their publications. The new system allowed for both editor-created blogs, and user generated content, making the site content-rich. Throughout the process, Red Hot Penny worked very closely with the Warners Group internal team to ensure the new system was consistent with their branding.


"Warners Group Publications have been working successfully and happily with Red Hot Penny for over 7 years. The technical expertise the team have to offer is first rate and has enabled Warners to grow and develop our online presence in an ever changing magazine publishing environment.

The focus of our work has been the build and support of our bespoke CMS as well as associated server/SEO projects. Over the years our needs have changed and fluctuated, yet Red Hot Penny have been adaptive and supportive throughout. Rob, David & Stuart have particularly helped make web development as pain free as possible by providing information in a ‘non techy’ language and advising on the best and easiest ways to overcome challenges as they arise."

Head of Online Development, Warners Group Publications

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