Vector Watch


Vector Watch designs and develops wearable technology for the modern consumer. They are committed to delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship, by combining impeccable design and exceptional materials with cutting edge software.

The smartwatch brand tasked us with delivering a complete end-to-end solution for the business through our Connected Commerce model. This approach integrated all key services, including Creative, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and global Logistics through our partner SEKO Logistics.


Brand Discovery and Implementation

Our Creative Director worked with Vector on defining their core values and unique selling points, extending their brand guidelines across the digital landscape in the process.

Full PR and Social Management

Our PR team were tasked by Vector to handle all press and blogger communication, sample allocation and press release distribution. An integrated social strategy supported press activity by sharing secured coverage.

Pre-order Microsite

In preparation for launch, our creative and production teams created a pre-order microsite to facilitate early consumer demand.

London and New York Launch Event Support

In preparation for the official launch to consumers, Red Hot Penny’s Digital PR team fully supported the Vector Watch press launch event in London and New York.

Creative Direction (Campaign Shoot)

Working closely with Vector’s Marketing Director, our Creative Director produced the launch campaign imagery shoot with photographer Christopher Jeney. 

Ecommerce Website

Red Hot Penny designed and built Vector’s first UK and US responsive ecommerce stores, with full integration into SEKO’s global DC’s via our ecommerce platform - Metacommerce.

A Connected Commerce Solution

Our Connected Commerce solution empowered Vector with a streamlined launch process, allowing them to concentrate on the business operations and strategy.



Following launch, the Vector Watch website saw:

  • 600 units sold (pre-orders and web orders)
  • Sales value of £200,000
  • Orders completed from a total of 41 countries including UK, USA and Romania
  • 2,500 customer service queries responded to positively by our internal team
  • 78,734 sessions since launch
  • 61,083 users
  • 233,721 page views



Through our outreach, Vector have been featured in over 350 articles since the initial launch event.

A snapshot of publications include:

  • Mashable
  • BBC News
  • Marie Claire
  • ZDNet
  • Digital Trends
  • and more…


“I had a great time at the Vector Watch launch. The demo staff were all exceedingly helpful and they gave me all the information I needed to get started with the Luna. The venue was also really well matched with the style of the product – the views of London were fantastic and the hotel’s smart setting really helped reflect the quality of the watch.”

Katherine Byrne, Senior Reporter at Expert Reviews