SanDisk is a globally recognised brand which designs, develops, manufactures and markets flash storage products for a wide variety of electronic systems and digital devices. The brand has a global turnover in excess of $3bn.

When SanDisk approached Red Hot Penny, their European operation was suffering significantly from poor internal communication and as a result had developed a fragmented online presence. The brand’s current marketing plans were proving difficult to manage and administer, and the process was very laborious.

SanDisk required a solution to increase product and campaign launch speeds throughout Europe, and needed to develop its retailer and distributor list to better understand the complete channel.


Red Hot Penny developed a bespoke B2B channel portal for SanDisk. This allowed for all distributors and retailers to have a single portal that informs partners on news, training and up the minute product information. Along with this, it allows for translation to over 50 languages and each portal can be customised for every visitor whether they are a product manager, or a larger retailer. With such bespoke web development, this allowed for complete central-system control.

A multilingual module feature was created to cater to diverse language requirements and geographical product variants, and the system was fully integrated with SanDisk’s back office and supply change management system for a seamless flow. The SanDisk brand guidelines were implemented consistently throughout the portal, and Red Hot Penny continues to provide on-going content management and agile support for SanDisk’s European agencies.


The new system delivered significant administrative cost savings to SanDisk, as well as an improved state of European communication.

The new portal resulted in higher levels of retailer and distributor engagement and allowed SanDisk to gain a much clearer understanding of its complete channel offering throughout Europe. The portal also impacted the speed with which retailers were able to take up a product following launch, and has helped to increase the amount of retailers involved in new product launches.

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