Rolex Learning Center


Designed by acclaimed Japanese architectural practice SANAA, the Rolex Learning Center is a place to learn, obtain information, and to live. It was to become a place where virtual and physical components combine to provide facilitated access to knowledge.

Red Hot Penny was commissioned to design and develop a two-tier microsite for the launch of the new Rolex Learning Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. The site needed to be both public facing - featuring the story telling/marketing elements of the institution, as well as becoming a press centre for secure downloading of key information, imagery and documentation for reportage.


The Red Hot Penny team worked with Rolex and Cultureshock Media to define and plan a new digital strategy for the learning center, including a scoping and specification document, detailed information architecture and an inspiring user experience design that fed from the style of the building. The site was then developed on our own Content Management System and was built to include a secure press downloads centre and a streaming video player. 

The microsite had to mirror the Rolex brand’s already prestigious style and needed to inspire and encourage visitors. Rolex wanted the learning center’s microsite to be clean, easy to use and interactive, which Red Hot Penny did deliver.


Upon launch, the Rolex Learning Center video achieved over 84,000 YouTube views. The new site gives the Rolex team complete control and flexibility over the entire content and media on the site, and the shopping-basket style press downloads centre has helped to optimise the efficiency of the marketing team.

The microsite has also improved productivity within the Rolex team structure and they have received great comments about the design and usability from members of the Rolex team.

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