River Island


River Island is one of the most successful high-street fashion brands, with over 60 years’ experience in creating stylish and affordable items for an original fashion fix.

Following a technical error, the fashion retailer required a bespoke software development and an experienced agency to solve the business critical issue that was delaying a multi-million pound launch; mal-formed order labels were occurring on over 40,000 order labels daily. Not only were the labels being printed outside of the printable area, but font errors made the content difficult to read, and some sections were missing entirely. 


Despite the seemingly unsolvable issue having been worked on unsuccessfully for more than six man months, time was of the essence, and Red Hot Penny leapt into action. Red Hot Penny actioned a thorough investigation into the cause of the malfunction, looking for the technical and software solutions that would offer the fastest remedy. Once the cause of the problem was identified, with confirmation from a range of specialist suppliers, our team built a bespoke code that would rectify the issue, and provided a list of recommended operational actions and internal training that would prevent the problem occurring again in the future.


The entire process – from initial contact through to resolution – was completed in just one week to minimise the impact on the brand’s business. River Island could continue with their regular operations within the week, and losses were significantly reduced due to the agility and speed of our technical teams.

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