Lowepro was founded by Greg Lowe in his small garage in Colorado in the 1960s and has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s leading photography brands through its innovative and hard-wearing camera equipment designs. Their range of products have an amazing reputation and are used by amateur and professional photographers and videographers all around the world. 

Traditionally retailing in the UK through resellers such as Jessops, Currys and independent camera shops, Lowepro tasked Red Hot Penny with creating a website that would primarily act as a marketing tool to build on its UK brand presence, whilst also giving UK consumers the choice to buy directly from Lowepro themselves. Since then, we have been given an additional project by DayMen (the Canadian parent company of Lowepro) to develop and launch both their French and German localised versions of Lowepro.co.uk including all the translation work involved.

Alongside the translation work for Lowepro’s new websites, Red Hot Penny are producing English, French and German content for Lowepro’s Amazon+ store. Our internal translators juggled the content translations tirelessly while still ensuring the Lowepro tone of voice was present.


Red Hot Penny created Lowepro’s bespoke UK ecommerce website that featured strong brand alignment with Lowepro’s other global websites, including their popular US site. The design of the site was largely lifted from Lowepro.com and hand-ported by our developers to our CMS platform, MetaCommerce. Providing technical support and consultancy to the UK and US Lowepro teams throughout the project, the development of the website also included technical integration with Lowepro’s current fulfilment systems Cindercone and Magma.

Lowepro is also the first client to launch on the brand new version of MetaCommerce which is being redeveloped from the ground-up to be mobile responsive and even more extensible using HTML5, CSS3 and Microsoft MVC. The difficulty of building three websites at once and keeping them uniform with their look and feel was an obstacle. Tailoring the different languages to their individual audiences took time but it has been an awarding project.


The UK website project was considered a success by the client, who then commissioned subsequent phases that included the development of sites for both France and Germany which are currently underway. All translations so far have been well-received and is on track to being completed within the desired timeframe.

Lowepro have also been extremely pleased with the high-level of writing provided by the Red Hot Penny content team for their Amazon+ content. We have been working with Amazon on Lowepro’s behalf to create their Amazon+ store to be used as another portal to market their product.

“As the first major localisation project for Lowepro it was really important that we used a vendor who understood the complications of integrating a UK website into the larger business from both a marketing and logistical perspective. Everyone at Lowepro has been impressed with the service and the intuitiveness of the systems we have been introduced to.”

Natalie Littlehales, Digital & Ecommerce Marketing Manager

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