Larsson & Jennings


Larsson & Jennings creates contemporary watches that draw inspiration from fashion and designs of their native Stockholm and London. A touch of classic British aesthetic and a dash of Swedish minimalistic design come together to create bespoke, handmade, Anglo-Swedish watches for men and women.  The contemporary brand appointed Red Hot Penny to support the business’ ecommerce operation and further develop their impressive rapid business growth.


In response to the brief, Red Hot Penny launched PPC campaigns for Larsson & Jennings covering a range of global territories. Countries we run campaigns for include: UK, USA, Sweden, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Norway.

The campaigns cover brand, generic and Google Shopping as well as the alternative search engine, Bing. Our PPC team managed the campaigns, adjusting and modifying them to gain a high ROI for the client.

Alongside PPC campaigns and Google Shopping, we run remarketing campaigns for Larsson & Jennings with the aim of attracting customers back to their site who have previously visited but have not purchased an item. The remarketing ads are designed to the clients branding and imagery, and target people who have already heard of Larsson & Jennings, who just need an extra push to buy.


For Q4 YoY 2015:

  • 145% increase in Revenue (so 2.5x approx.)
  • 65% increase in Net Profit
  • 8.5x Return on PPC Investment


“Larsson & Jennings have been working with Red Hot Penny since mid-2014 on our digital marketing strategy and execution, specifically around SEO, PPC and re-targeting. Red Hot Penny are a pleasure to work with and have driven some great results for the business. They have a great knowledge and good leadership.”

Andrew Jennings, Founder, Larsson & Jennings

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