Winning Agile Marketing; June's Hits and Misses

With the highest profile sporting event of the year kicking off in June, the buzz around Brazil 2014 was too strong for most brands to stay away. Over the last month we’ve seen all manner of brands come up with some truly great agile marketing - but you have to quick to be in the game. 

Kudos to the three brands mentioned below for making the most of the moment.


The hits


Whilst Luis Suarez’ biting incident was a definite miss for sponsor Adidas, Nando’s were able to see the opportunity in the moment. The brand was quick to send this cheeky tweet to the player after the incident, which went on to get over 38,000 retweets.




The World Cup sponsors have created a fun little ‘Teletransporter’ app in support of the event, allowing users to superimpose themselves into short video clips from various matches. Our favourite is the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ sequence featuring Van Persie’s now infamous flying-Dutchman move, which sparked the trending #persieing hashtag. If you fancy trying the app for yourself you can find it here



Paddy Power

Capitalising on Tim Howard’s heroic 16 goal saves during the USA vs. Belgium game, the bookies devised their own answer to the trending #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave - one of the better brand tweets to utilise the hashtag – sharing this remake of the Jaws movie poster the morning after the match.PaddyPower.png

And the misses

The beauty of agile is in its real-time relevancy, but this can also be a downside - giving brands little time to prepare for the worst. In some cases it pays to have a little restraint in agile activities. 

Take this tweet from Dutch airline KML following Holland’s victory over Mexico. Posted to celebrate the success of their Dutch team, the tweet (featuring an icon with a moustache and sombrero, and captioned ‘Adios Amigos’) incited a barrage of abuse from followers. Enraged Mexican fans took to Twitter to accuse the airline of racist and offensive intent, and the company was forced to issue a succinct apology a few hours later.


The key to capturing the moment

It’s impossible to predict whether or not your agile marketing efforts will turn you into the next Oreo (who can forget that Superbowl tweet?) but a process that will allow social media and marketing teams to quickly sign-off content and ideas is essential for speedy campaign production. 

Whilst real-time marketing can seem like a relatively straight forward concept, the most successful brands are those who can align messaging on wider events with their own brand values to create something followers can relate to, will be amused by and are keen to share.

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