Why you should invest more in Email Marketing in 2016

With so many channels to consider to drive ecommerce revenues, we often find email marketing is the one that gets knocked down in priority. We wanted to share just a few insights below as to why email marketing should be high up the list in your 2016 marketing strategies.

1. Consumers Preferred Marketing Channels Age.png

According to a survey taken at the end of 2015, email is the preferred platform of contact across all age groups, highlighting why email should remain a priority for brands reaching customers. 

Benefits of Email Marketing for Social Campaigns


2. Ecommerce Delivers highest ROI for marketers.png

Email marketing is commonly undervalued but, if executed to its full potential, it can yield the highest ROI compared to all other marketing activity.

3 . Email vs social customer acquisition.png

Social media is a powerful channel to engage with audiences and convert brand-interested consumers into customers. However, according to McKinsey, email marketing is 40x more successful in driving customer acquisition.

Email can increase social exposure

Email is one of the most effective ways to gain followers and encourage engagement on social media. By simply adding icons within emails that link back to brand social accounts, your email recipients can easily connect with your brand across all your social platforms.

In return, you can also use your social media channels to convert social followers to email subscribers by letting them know that some offers will only be sent out to newsletter subscribers.

Email is the best platform to reach customers directly. Take advantage of this and offer incentives to share and connect with social accounts. Highlighting deals and promotions via email will in turn encourage increased social engagement.

Email can be personalised to the user

Unlike social accounts, where the content is shared to a group of followers, email is one to one. Tailor the content to the channel so that email subscribers are getting information that won’t be found through following social accounts.

4. Personalised Email Open increases.png

Through personalising the emails and addressing it to the subscriber with a name, open rates are increased by 26%. 

5. Segmented Email Revenue Increase.png

Take this one step further and segment email lists. By identifying specific groups in the subscriber lists, relevant emails will be sent to these different customer groups ensuring that content is always of an interest.

Currently only around a third of companies use advanced segmentation strategies, but creating segmented email marketing campaigns result in a 760% increase in revenue compared to a campaign that isn’t tailored to individual groups.


Why use email automation?

Unlike email campaigns which will be sent out to all subscribers, automated emails are set up once and then sent to individuals when they meet certain criteria, such as a welcome email once a user has subscribed, reminder emails to follow up on abandoned shopping baskets, happy birthday emails to re-engage with subscribers or a follow up from a sale.

For example, if you were to set up a welcome email once a customer has signed up to a mailing list, rather than manually create this email to send every time a person joins, an automated email will send as soon as they have entered their email to the website. Once this email has been set up, it will continue to be sent without you having to do anything.

Email analytics

Not only does email marketing potentially yield the highest ROI out of any other channel, it is also a very good source for analytics. You will be able to see who opened a particular email and the time and place that they opened it, the average open rate and how long the email was open for. Not only can you track who is opening mail, but also the clicks within the email. This lets you know which area of the email attracted the most attention from your audience.

Analytics will also tell you the time subscribers are opening emails. You can then use this data to ensure your email scheduling is set up for the optimal time of day.

Using analytics to understand which device emails are being opened on is particularly important. Around two thirds of emails are now opened on a mobile device, so it is imperative that any emails are optimised to display properly for mobile viewing so that they won’t get deleted by the user.

Ways to improve your email campaigns:

Optimise emails for mobile

Most emails are opened on mobile phones instantly. Ensure that the email is optimised for mobile phone viewing as 69% of emails will be deleted by the user if they are hard to read

Have emails come from a real person

Emails coming from a real address are less likely to end up being sent to a customer’s junk folder. For example, emails sent from donotreply@brand.com are less likely to be read

Make the subject line compelling and to the point

This is perhaps the most important factor in ensuring your email is read. Make sure the preview is clear and will make the customer want to open up the email

Have a clear CTA

Ensure all emails sent have a clear focus

Use email analytics data

Not only will this ensure your future email campaigns are kept on track, it is also host to wealth of valuable data regarding subscribers and their interests

Allow customers to manage their subscriptions

Allowing customers to manage how many emails they receive weekly will ensure they don’t feel overwhelmed by content

Continually test your email strategy

Make sure to test and optimise your email strategy regularly to ensure the best results. This is the only way to see what works well and what doesn’t

Regularly update and cleanse your email list

If subscribers haven’t opened an email for 12 months then there is a good chance this email address is now inactive. For accurate analytics remove these addresses from the database as they will be causing a drop in open rates


Email Marketing with Red Hot Penny

According to the 2016 Email Marketing Industry Census, email campaigns created by digital agencies achieved a significantly higher ROI when compared to in house campaigns, due to their expertise and resources.

Red Hot Penny supports many clients in utilising email marketing as a revenue generating channel by creating strategic campaigns. As a platform agnostic agency, we work and partner with most of the market leading platforms and can recommend the right platform for each client.

If you want to grow your email marketing ROI then contact us.

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