The UK’s First Billion Pound Black Friday Counter

UK shoppers spent a staggering £810m during last year’s Black Friday sales, and this year the busiest day in the retail calendar is set to break the £1 billion mark [source: Experian].

To mark the occasion, Red Hot Penny have created the UK’s first ever Black Friday Counter!

We’ll be tracking the total in-store and online sales across the day, from 12am right through to midnight, to see if Black Friday 2015 really will be the largest UK shopping day on record. We’ve also included some comparable statistics to show what you could buy with the money. We all want to know how many $2,000 Justin Bieber selfies we could get for £1 billion.


One of our sources, James Miller, Senior Retail Consultant at Experian Marketing Services, said:

It was an interesting move from Asda deciding to withdraw from Black Friday sales promotions this year. However, this year at least, in a sense the horse has already bolted – consumers are anticipating Black Friday and I think we can still expect it to be very busy indeed. Still pushing that £1 billion mark. Retailers need to plan for this online sales season carefully so as not to destroy margin.  I think we’ll see offline sales may be constrained to a tighter range of bargains, while online only retailers like Amazon will continue to really push the day itself.


In addition, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite British brands to put together a Best of British Black Friday Prize. Visitors will have the chance to win a Vector Watch, a pair of new season Taylor Morris RollRight sunglasses and a set of luxury Boca Toothpaste by sharing our Black Friday counter on social media.

Following Black Friday, we will share our findings and analyse the increase (or decrease) in sales compared to last year. Experian have predicted a 32% increase YoY, but with some of the big players opting out, will this be the case?


David Schulhof, Digital Marketing Director at Red Hot Penny said:

Black Friday has become an iconic event over the last couple of years and for nearly all of our clients it has turned into a big revenue driver and something that we plan for, weeks if not months in advance. With experts predicting this year to be the first £1 billion shopping day we wanted to mark this milestone with a creative content piece that we hope people will find interesting and gasp at the amount of money being spent per second, minute and hour.

The interactive content can be added on any website (like Huffington Post did here), click on the embed button at the bottom of the page and copy the code into your site.

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