The Smartwatch with 30 days battery life


Press and special guests examining the watches at Vector's exclusive launch event in Basel, Switzerland


You may have seen a brand named Vector floating around the Twittersphere over the past few weeks. That’s if you’re a smartwatch/technology fanatic who follow the likes of Gizmag, WIRED and CNET. If you’re not prone to checking these types of publications, let us introduce you to a client of ours who we are helping reach their true market potential. Their potential being revolutionary thanks to the incredible 30 days battery life.

Vector is founded by people who are passionate about innovation and watch design. With proven track records in the watch industry, software development and unsatisfied with what is currently out there on the market, they started to re-imagine the smartwatch.


Their purpose is to simplify lives in an increasingly complex world.


To the founders of Vector, design, intelligence and convenience truly matter. Less gadget, more style. Less interaction, more relevance. Less annoyance, more convenience.

The Vector vision stemmed from a desire to reimagine the traditional timepiece for today’s digital world. They want to create a new watch for the 21st century; one that is grounded in the past, with the right balance of technology to give it a genuine place in our everyday lives.



Vector's founders (from left to right): Steve Jarvis, Joe Santana, Andrei Pitis


It was this inspiring vision that attracted ex-CEO & President of Timex, Joe Santana, to return to the watch world 7 years on and bring this innovation to market. Joe was introduced to CTO Andrei Pitis and the Vector team in 2014, when activity in the wearables industry was beginning to gain early traction. A renowned technology entrepreneur and inventor with over two decades of experience in computer science, Andrei had been quietly working on a smartwatch for some time.

It was under Joe’s direction that Timex established a new & diverse global brand portfolio that spanned the exquisite timepieces of Vincent Bérard to the high fashion and lifestyle lines of Ferragamo, Valentino and Versace. During his 20 years’ service with the brand, Joe had become well-accustomed to identifying & predicting the next key trends in the watch industry. When Joe learned about the technology advantage that Andrei was developing, he knew that this would be a major advancement in the emerging wearables space. With his strong background in the market and passion for new technology and innovation, this opportunity was the perfect combination of challenge and intrigue, and encouraged Joe to take on the role of CEO at Vector Watch.

With the technology development underway, the focus shifted to creating a truly wearable and beautiful watch, with the attention to detail that transforms a piece of hardware into a desirable piece of jewellery. Steve Jarvis was involved in the creative direction of the Sport (Ironman) & Expedition lines at Timex Group, working to combine key industry trends with the latest cutting edge technology. From there, he progressed to Design Director of Nike Sport Group in 2008 in the Vision (eyewear) department, and went on to become the Senior Designer for Nike Digital Sport, as part of the team that brought the Sportswatch and hugely popular fitness tracker Nike FuelBand that launched in 2012.



Fashion first, smart second


Fast-forward twelve months, and this next generation smartwatch is already shaking up the wearable sphere. Their official launch event on the 19th March 2015 in Basel, Switzerland was a huge success and we received some incredible feedback from influential people within the industry.

The PR and Content team at Red Hot Penny worked closely with Vector to ensure all relevant press were invited to the event, all the press releases were written perfectly as well as supporting the management of the event itself. Our Design and Development team also deserve huge credit for designing and implementing Vector’s new responsive website where you can pre-order a select few limited edition styles and learn more about the brand. They ensured the website followed all the correct procedures and was working seamlessly ready for launch.

Michelle Tessaro, CFO said of the collaboration between Vector and Red Hot Penny:

Red Hot Penny were a key team member in introducing our new Vector smartwatch to the market.  The contact with press was both comprehensive and all inclusive.

Congratulations to the Vector team on a well-received launch and excellent product. You are able to pre-order two exclusive limited edition pieces on Vector's website now and the full collection will be released in the Summer.


See below some examples of press coverage following the event, thank you to those who attended.


If you would like to discuss anything Vector, please contact Alice Phillips.


Visit Vector Watch

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