The Best Ecommerce Advent Calendars of 2014

In the countdown to Christmas 2014, online retailers have given the traditional chocolate advent calendar a digital makeover in Christmas count-down month. Whether there’s a competition waiting behind the door of the day, a particular product you never knew you wanted but can’t live without, or a nugget of information to reignite your interest in a particular subject or matter,  businesses all have one ultimate big 25 goal in common: to drive traffic to their websites. In this blog post, we give you our selection of the very best ecommerce advent calendars, and the prizes they have hiding behind door number 18 of their ultra-modern advent calendars (due to this post being compiled on the 18th).

1. On the 18th of December, the #GrouponAdventCalendar revealed… a photoshoot with prints for £1 at The Fresh Group, with 92 locations nationwide. Valued at £290, you save a whopping £289 on your makeover. That’s £1 for a family photoshoot, and £1 for a makeover shoot for 1 or 2 people- it’s a Christmas miracle! And, as to be expected, this deal has already sold out.

2. Behind the wiggling door of day 18 from our very own client Merc’s advent calendar, modsters found a Jenkins Jacket in a très a la mode reversible Harrington style. Down from £99 to £45, for 1 day only! We predict a riot, an online riot… If you wanted to learn more about what we did with menswear brand Merc, click here.

3. Online consumers with a taste for something a little expensive had the chance to win a bottle of Isle of Jura 16YO, a complex and elegant whisky from the island where George Orwell himself wrote 1984, worth £45.45 behind the Whisky Exchange’s 18th advent calendar door. Appealing to literature-loving entrants too!

4. ITV’s very own well-loved Lorraine presented her fans with winter health advice for the cold season with Dr Hilary on day number 18 of Lorraine’s advent calendar. Find exclusive backstage videos and spoofs in this exclusive online treat.

5. Even counties have been getting in on the advent action! Welcome to Yorkshire offered tourists the chance to win a 3 course meal for two plus a bottle of champagne at their very own Chequers Inn, Ledsham by answering the simple question: “In which village is The Chequers Inn located?”  behind door number 18 of their festive calendar. Erm… 


Some businesses went for a more figurative approach with their advent calendars, releasing a targeted product or message via their varying social media platforms each day.


6. Windmill Books publishers arranged a particular book of theirs in a festive scene, with Joy by Jonathan Lee set amongst glitter and baubles behind day number 18 of their Instagram #adventcalendar.

7. Our very own client Tori Murphy has been giving away one of her handmade luxury goods, ranging from £25 to £250, in her Twitter and Facebook advent calendar. All fans have to do is share the post for a chance to win the prize. Behind door number 18 today fashionistas could find her Kensal Check Christmas stocking, worth £60!

8. English Heritage has created a fun, trivia style advent calendar for their hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Day number 18 presents a majestic, vintage door, with the question “Guess the site! Today’s #AdventCalendar door is a room named after the Duke of Wellington’s famous victory in 1815.” Viewers send in their responses for English Heritage to reveal the answer later on in the day. We guess we’ll have to wait ‘til later on today to find out the answer to today’s question…


Whether they’ve been giving web users the chance to win one of their very own products, offering one-day reductions on price tags, or providing a little light festive trivia, online retailers and organisations are already seeing the benefits an online calendar can bring. Social platforms have offered a more personable approach, seeing engagement and follower counts grow, as reduced products are fast-selling out each day. Increased exposure, last-minute mass Christmas purchases on pushed items and a friendly and fun social approach can only ever be regarded as a good thing in our books.

A creative idea to put in the Christmas strategy for next year if you haven’t already got on-board the online advent calendar hype this festive season… 

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