Possibly the Best Ecommerce Order Confirmation Email Ever

I shop online a lot. Probably more than most, and I receive a lot of order confirmation emails, but the one I received today has to be the best by a long shot. It was from Firebox.com.

Not only did they say thank you for the order, they also paid me a compliment within the first line of the email. Everyone likes a compliment, so first brownies point earned there.

The email then goes on to confirm the order details - product, quantity, order number, delivery address etc. What you would expect from a confirmation order, but worded so brilliantly. Bang on brand and demonstrating that Firebox not only understands its customers, but it cares about them too.

My only disappointment was that it was plain text rather than HTML - I quite like things that look pretty too. Maybe that's something for them to work on next - no-one's perfect!

In case you're interested in reading the full content of this email, I've included it below, I think you'll agree their copywriter did a good job...




Hi, Mrs Jocelyn Kirby

Thanks very much for your order. You really are rather nice.

This exciting email is to confirm a few things you probably already know.

1. Your online shopping skills are truly exceptional.

2. Firebox has strong feelings for you.

3. See 1 & 2.

Just in case you were possessed by aliens/malevolent spirits intent on a high quality impulse buying spree, here's a confirmation of what you/they bought.

Order number 3187958, placed on the 13th July 2012.

Your box of goodies will contain:

It's top secret so I've removed what it is :) @ 3.99 GBP = 99.75 GBP


Next Day Postage & Packing: 5.95 GBP


Total: 105.70 GBP

Amount paid using cards: 105.70 GBP

Our crack warehouse team will slip it (carefully) in our hand-folded packaging and have it on its way to the address below shortly.

We'll even drop you another email to let you know once it's out the door.

Help the anticipation build a little. Get the juices flowing.

Until we meet again, stay out of trouble.




We stand by our products, and that's why we offer a 30 day Return Policy; so if there are any issues just let us know. Or follow this link for more



If you want to chat, hit us up on 0800 044 5010 (UK Free phone) or 0044 20

33683410 (International call rates). Alternatively, you can reply to this email or collar us at info@firebox.com

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