Pinterest Puts the Pressure on Facebook

There have been plenty of articles, blogs and infographics recently predicting the near-imminent death of Facebook. Reports of falling engagement rates, teenagers turning their back on the social media platform in favour of apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and lower rates of account uptake suggest the social network could be on the brink of losing its crown.

In reality, however, the picture isn’t quite as negative. Findings from the latest Adobe Social Intelligence Report for Q4 have actually shown that Facebook ended 2013 with several record breaking stats under its belt, in particular for the performance of their brand pages and Facebook ads. We’ve rounded up the most important stats from the report below to give you an overview of the network’s success at a glance.

where facebook excelled

    Click-through-rate up 365%  year-on-year and 41% quarter-on-quarter
    Cost-per-click up 29% over the holiday period
    Facebook ad click volumes up 125% year-on-year
    Facebook ad impression volumes up 10% year-on-year

where facebook brand pages succeeded

    180% increase in social engagement with brand posts year-on-year
    40% increase in comments and shares
    Brand post impressions up 150% year-on-year

pinterest as a contender

So where did Facebook fall down?

Well they were actually beaten on revenue-per-visits (RPV) by Pinterest in Q4. In Q3 Facebook led with £0.64 RPV to Pinterest’s £0.59, but over the holiday period Pinterest took the lead with an impressive £0.88 RPV to Facebook’s £0.69 RPV and Twitter’s £0.46 RPV.

 Whilst Facebook does still lead the pack for volume of referral traffic, their share of referral traffic is down 15% year-on-year. Pinterest, on the other hand, seems set for future success with an 89% year-on-year increase in socially referred visits and an 11% increase quarter-on-quarter.

record increase in social referral

All of the social networks featured in Adobe’s report (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr) are referring record amounts of RPV for retail websites, which is a hugely positive stat for social media marketers.

Pinterest have increased their RPV by 244% year-on-year, and the fact that the social network revolves around image sharing makes Pinterest a very appealing option for retail brands to showcase their products to an audience of users who are actively searching for purchase inspiration.

Whilst it’s too early to encourage retail marketers to jump ship and abandon Facebook, the Adobe report does make it clear that Pinterest needs become a main focus for social media strategies in 2014.

3 great pinterest accounts

If you’re looking for ideas for your own Pinterest account then the 3 retailers below all have fantastic boards that work as great examples for retailers looking to join for the first time and those wanting to evolve their current Pinterest strategy.

River Island

River Island have gone down the route most retailers opt for by creating themed boards that revolve around their current collections, but to stop their page from being another version of their ecommerce site they’ve also included boards that feed into the interests of their demographic like a makeup inspiration board, favourite looks from on the street and a board for pinning images of celebrities spotted in their garments. Their most followed board is one that allows followers to pin images of their own outfits styled with River Island items, which is a great way to build engagement.


Boden have divided their Pinterest into boards that encapsulate the different lifestyle interests of their customers rather than showcasing their own products. Despite being a fashion brand, their most pinned board is their foody ‘How we eat’ board which has 24,000 followers, and they even have boards for holidays, interior design and for reminiscing about childhood memories. This diversity helps to showcase the ethos behind the brand and encourages followers to feel an affinity between the brand and their own personal interests.


With an impressive 146 boards, Hobbycraft have really championed Pinterest as their social media platform of choice. Their account works perfectly to inspire customers with creative projects. Boards are broken down by either a type of craft project, craft materials or general themes like Christmas and Birthdays. The best part of this Pinterest account is that, despite having 146 boards, none of their themes are thin on inspirational ideas. Their 3 Valentines boards have a combined following of over 18,000 users, and their Pinterest is a great source for discovering exciting and inspiring craft ideas that have an obvious link to their products, but don’t showcase them directly.

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