Merc revs up for Spring/Summer

One of our favourite clients, Merc Clothing, have launched their latest collection and it's got us excited for the warmer months!

Merc's new Spring/Summer collection has all the kit to make it a season of style to shout about. Ivy League staples mix with highlights such as micro print shirts, Bermuda shorts and Letterman jackets. Soft casual tailoring provides the wardrobe for the evening shift, and there’s neatly tailored shorts with contrast touches. Pastel colours, deep red and duck egg blue complement ginghams and dog-tooth fabrics. Geometric print shirts and bold striped knitted polos add a touch of 1960’s chic, though it’s 1950’s Americana that is the real driving influence for this colourful new collection. Updated and reinterpreted for a new audience, of course. Road trips, Cadillacs and colourful beach huts form the background for an Instagram summer. All set to shine by model musicians Jet Smith from Buster Shuffle, Mitch Horton from The Milk and Ian Cummins from The Deets – adding a soundtrack to a summer of sharp threads. But, should the heavens open, Merc’s spring-weight water resistant parka is ready for action!

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