Meet & Greet: Suz Pathmanathan, Creative Copywriter

Red Hot Penny has recently welcomed our new Creative Copywriter, Suz Pathmanathan, to the team. Here we ask her a few questions to get to know her better.


What is your employment background?

After switching from Forensics to English Lit at university (my tutor informed me that this was a wise move on account of my chronic clumsiness and ability to destroy evidence at the touch of a button) I went on to complete an MA in Contemporary Lit.

After so long as a student, I embraced working life enthusiastically. I’ve been a copywriter for 6 years now, starting at Dixons Retail writing about technology to Surfdome, writing about fashion and lifestyle. I’ve also managed to freelance in between, working on indie clothing brands and furniture retailers and ghostwriting holistic baby books. My most recent role was working as a Senior Copywriter at marketing agency in Mornington Crescent, which had me working with online gaming clients.


What clients have you worked with in the past?

Some amazing fashion brands like Komono, Eleven Paris and Religion to Microgaming and the Hippodrome Online Casino.


Do you have any exciting ideas to bring to Red Hot Penny?

After working so long in the industry, I like to think I’ve learned quite a bit about writing effective copy for clients. Exciting ideas are sure to emerge along the way.


Why did you choose to join the Red Hot Penny family?

RHP has a great range of clients, plus coming in in the midst of its expansion seemed like perfect timing. Since joining, every day has confirmed that I made the right choice: the people are amazing, the job’s incredible and it seems like creative ideas are really listened to here.


What clients are you working with at present?

Some incredible ones including Vector Watch, Joby and Lipsy.


Is there a sector you specialise in?

I enjoy writing about fashion and lifestyle the most, but find elements of interest in every area I write about.


Any exciting developments in your industry or things to look out for?

The beauty of the digital landscape is that it’s always shifting and evolving, so there are always opportunities to think creatively about copy. The recent development of webpages having to be optimised for mobile is probably the biggest change of note – copy and content writers have had to re-evaluate how to present information and quickly; because mobile users have even less of an attention span than an ‘average’ internet user. Plus because of the size of the screen, where information is placed is also more important than ever.

It’s an interesting time to be part of RHP’s digital team and I look forward to contributing and learning a lot along the way!


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