Meet & Greet: Steve Baker, Head of Design

Red Hot Penny has recently welcomed our new Head of Design, Steve Baker, to the team. Here we ask him a few questions to get to know him better.


What is your employment background?

I learnt my trade as a designer at an agency in Salisbury where I spent 6 years working on a huge variety of projects. I then moved to an in-house position for a leading IT distributor doing work with some top technology brands. Before moving to Red Hot Penny I was part of the in-house design team at The AA.

The experience I’ve gained at these different companies has given me an excellent understanding of the various processes, technologies and ways of working in industry.


What clients have you worked with in the past?

A real mix of clients, from recognised brands like Dell, Acer and Intel to small charities and local nightclubs.


Do you have any exciting ideas to bring to Red Hot Penny?

Of course! I’ve just arrived but I’m already getting stuck into projects and hope to add to the knowledge pool already here. It’s an exciting time for the web and its 2 billion users.


Why did you choose to join the Red Hot Penny family?

Red Hot Penny have some great clients and are very ambitious. It’s a fantastic opportunity personally to work on some outstanding projects and be really creative.


What clients are you working with at present?

I’m currently working with Security Watchdog, Windsor Great Park and Ingenious Inflatables – variety is the spice of life.


Is there a sector you specialise in?

Not really, I try and take each project as it comes and embrace it as a new challenge. Designing for the end user is key so I always strive to tailor each project to meet that objective.


Any exciting developments in your industry or things to look out for?

The web is progressing much quicker than in the past. You can now access it through your phone, watch and even some fridges! It’s changing the way we view what a website is and does. It’s becoming much quicker and slicker and an online presence is increasingly important.

Look out for: More wearable tech, watches and glasses. More use of gestures, we don’t just have the mouse click anymore, there’s swipe, pinch and tap. Remember the film Minority Report? 


If you're interesting in joining the Red Hot Penny team, we're always accepting applications. If you're an expert in your field we want to hear from you. Go to our careers section for more details.

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