Meet & Greet: Neil Donaldson, Head of Front-End Development

Red Hot Penny has recently welcomed our new Head of Front-End Development, Neil Donaldson, to the team. Here we ask him a few questions to get to know him better.


What is your employment background?

I worked for the last 4 and a half years as a Senior Web Developer at American Ecommerce Company, Digital River, as part of the European client delivery team. Prior to that I was at a small SaaS company working in the medical billing field.


What clients have you worked with in the past?

I worked with some large software clients like Kaspersky Anti-Virus & McAfee on their ecommerce stores. More recently I was working with Harper Collins Publishers and the Italian luxury brand Furla on their website.


Do you have any exciting ideas to bring to Red Hot Penny?

It might not be ‘exciting’ to some, but I am eager to get started defining the working methods, coding standards and procedures that will enable the next phase of growth for the company. We’ll need to embrace new technologies, but also work to become proficient in our current tech-stack in order to support our existing customers.


Why did you choose to join the Red Hot Penny family?

It seems like such a vibrant and interesting place to work! The chance to help define the next phase of growth for the company was too exciting to turn down. There is a massive potential for growth here – with a robust ecommerce platform and talented developers, the sky is the limit.


What clients are you working with at present?

I’m working on the finishing touches of a new site for Windsor Great Park, and starting up work on the new Vector ecommerce store. Plus trying to get up to speed on Red Hot Penny’s MetaCommerce platform – it’s been busy.


Is there a sector you specialise in?

Not really, I studied Computer Science at University and it gave me a solid grounding in software development concepts. I try to take those core concepts with me into any sector I work in; after all, any website is just a piece of software.


Any exciting developments in your industry or things to look out for?

We should be looking out for different and novel ways to engage with new web users. Touch devices have been the first step, and more ways will emerge like augmented reality and devices with haptic feedback. For too long the web has been designed to look and work like a piece of paper – it’s time to think of it differently.


If you're interesting in joining the Red Hot Penny team, we're always accepting applications. If you're an expert in your field we want to hear from you. Go to our careers section for more details.

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