Meet & Greet: Chris Haines, SEO Account Manager

Our teams are growing so fast we can't keep up! In this blog post we chat to Chris Haines, the latest addition to our SEO team. 


What is your employment background?

I became interested in SEO in 2012 when I started working on the family business’s new website and tried to get it to rank in Google for its key terms.  After achieving the number one spot for several of their key terms I became hooked on SEO, quit my job at a small music label and haven’t looked back since. 

I have worked at two London based SEO agencies since then and have been specialising in the Content and Outreach aspects of SEO in the last few years.


What clients have you worked with in the past?

Canterbury of New Zealand, YHA (Youth Hostel Association), Slater and Gordon, Randstad, Nectar and many other smaller websites: everything from phone case companies to public speakers’ bureaus, and even private jet hire.


Do you have any exciting ideas to bring to Red Hot Penny?

My main focus since I started at Red Hot Penny has been on coming up with creative content ideas with which we can help our clients increase their brand awareness and search visibility.  This can take many forms such as Quizzes, Interactive web pages, online polls, data visualisations and much more. 

With Google’s latest search algorithm updates, creating content that people find engaging and relevant to them is more important than ever.  I intend to bring fresh ideas to promote our clients in exciting and innovative ways, and get them brand recognition that previously they wouldn’t have thought would be possible.


Why did you choose to join the Red Hot Penny family?

Red Hot Penny have all the resources I need to work well and have some really great clients.  Also it helps that everyone here is really friendly, down to earth and industry experts in their own areas.


What clients are you working with at present?

I am working on content ideas for clients across the board, but my main focus at the moment is on Red7, Gluru, SEKO and Lipsy.


Is there a sector you specialise in?

I am a content and outreach specialist by trade, and have got links and coverage for my clients on lots of top tier sites such as Buzzfeed, City AM, Evening Standard as well as many high authority government, university and blogger sites.


Any exciting developments in your industry or things to look out for?

SEO and content marketing are some of the fastest paced industries to work in these days.  I thrive on keeping up to date with the latest developments in SEO and content marketing, whether it is deciphering the latest piece of viral content, or monitoring the impact of the latest Google algorithm update. 

In terms of content, I am certainly looking forward to seeing which brands release larger creative content pieces in time for Halloween.


If you're interesting in joining the Red Hot Penny team, we're always accepting applications. If you're an expert in your field we want to hear from you. Go to our careers section for more details.

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