Kigu Appoints Red Hot Penny as their Digital Agency

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Animal Costume manufacturers, Kigu, have appointed Red Hot Penny as their digital agency. The partnership arose from introductions by our parent company, SEKO Logistics.

"Kigu" is a short form of the Japanese word "Kigurumi", meaning "Animal Character Costume". Since their launch in 2009, Kigu has become the first company to sell Kigurumi outside Asia. So far it has brought thousands of these amazing animal costumes to the UK and are successfully bringing the so-called animal jumpsuit wave to life.Today Kigu partners with the oldest and most respected Kigurumi manufacturers Japan has to offer.

The unique brand came to Red Hot Penny with a goal of becoming the number one seller for quality animal onesies in the UK. We will help Kigu achieve this goal through an integrated strategy of SEO, Social Media and Digital PR. All of these services will help grow the business and drive online sales, ultimately raising brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Clare Spink, Managing Director of Kigu had this to say of the appointment:

I contacted David Schulhof, Red Hot Penny’s Digital Marketing Director, when I was ready to consider investing in marketing and he came up with a plan that sorted out all of my previous concerns - it was then a “no brainer” to go for it. I came for a meeting and realised that you could do more than just post and tweet so was convinced that it would be a successful partnership. So far I have not been disappointed!
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