How Content Marketing can Increase Ecommerce Sales

If you aren’t currently using content marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you should be! It has quickly become one of the most popular types of online marketing, and if done well, it can add real value to your business.

Marketing your brand in this way involves creating and publishing blogs, white papers, newsletters and videos for your audience to read, watch and then share. Your content doesn’t just have the ability to increase your online sales; it can also help you retain your customer base. So long as you offer accessible and exciting content then your customers will be encouraged to return to you for advice, tips, news and trends as well as purchases. By including content in your digital marketing strategy you can rapidly convert occasional shoppers into dedicated supporters of your brand.

So what can content marketing do for your brand?

Boost Traffic To Your Ecommerce Site

If you want to increase your ecommerce sales then you’ll also need to get more people to visit your online store. Content can be a brilliant way of building links to your website, meaning you can increase your ranking in search results. A Forrester report found that a brand is over 50 times more likely to come up in a search if it has links to a video, so the results of content marketing can have a huge impact on your traffic flow. Plus, the awareness your content creates isn’t limited by a time-frame. Think of the content you create as a cumulative effort to enhance your search profile; posts made 12 months ago can drive just as much traffic to your site as more recent entries, and if you post regularly then you give your customers a reason to check your site frequently.


Grow Brand Awareness

If you are using high-quality content, then your brand has the potential to go viral. As long as you produce interesting and useful content then you will be able to engage your direct customers, and if they like it enough to share then your brand has the opportunity to reach future customers too! The beauty of content marketing lies in its ability to be shared. By incorporating content into your marketing strategy you will give yourself a much better chance of boosting sales and awareness than using direct campaigns alone.

Optimise Your Buying Process

Content topics can be used to support the various stages of the buying process and influence sales. Newsletters, brand updates and industry news work extremely well to generate brand awareness and create traffic during the research stage, whereas FAQs, detailed product posts, How To’s and Step-By-Step guides have the ability to influence purchase decisions. If you have an exciting new product soon to launch on your site why not feature it in a blog post to generate excitement and interest. This way you can secure your customers’ attention before the product is even available to buy! If you are going to use content to optimise the buying process make sure you begin by considering what you want to achieve i.e. higher conversion rates or greater sales from a specific department, and then plan your content topics around this goal.


Make Yourself A Voice Of Authority

Sometimes offering a good product isn’t enough to secure a sale. Customers also want reassurance that they are buying from a reputable brand. Content can be used to position your brand as a voice of authority within your industry, and this will help build customer confidence in your company. When a customer decides to make a purchase they are making an investment in your business, and you need to prove yourself worthy. Demonstrating an awareness of your industry, informing customers of key trends and sharing company news will comfort buyers and assure potential customers that you are an authentic brand, as well as helping to forge a brand identity for your company.


Show Your Generosity

You know your industry inside out, so why not share some of the best tips you’ve learnt along the way? Your customers will appreciate all the information you can offer, and this will continue to increase the confidence they have in your brand. Going out of your way to provide inside tips and advice will only have a positive impact on the overall brand experience you provide to customers. Use your content to display your knowledge and expertise and you will bolster customer confidence, encouraging them to spend their money with your brand and not one of your competitors.


By creating interesting and engaging content you can increase ecommerce sales relatively quickly, and using your content to position your brand as a voice of authority within your industry will encourage your customers to return for future purchases, and attract new customers along the way.

Look out for our next instalment coming soon which will include some top tips on how to achieve ecommerce content marketing success!

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