Garment Visualation Technology

With the online shopping experience constantly evolving, retailers are finding an increasing number of ways to bring their customer closer to the real thing. With zoom features, 360-degree rotations and catwalk videos, retailers are pushing the boundaries of technology to give their customer the best visual representation of their product before they buy. However, retailers are yet to offer a way in which customers can see how the garment fits – on someone of their exact size, height and body shape. This is where GVT (garment visualisation technology) comes in.

Garment visualisation technology is being developed by a number of companies including MipsoFitiquette and FitsMe, who are offering their technology to online retailers looking to offer the most revolutionised shopping experience to date. With 12% of consumers reporting that they rarely purchase online due to sizing concerns, it’s obvious that this downfall needed to be addressed.

Heikki Haldre, the CEO of Fits.me, suggested that GVT can increase a retailer’s bottom line by removing the risk of customers receiving and returning an ill-fitting garment. Fits.me allows the customer to adjust their weight, height, waistline and proportions to produce an online representation of their exact body shape. Once the customer has created their virtual body, they are able to try a garment of their choice on in any available size to see which fits best.

With retailers such as Barbour, Zenga and Gilt already buying into this technology, others are bound to follow – making this an online revolution we can’t ignore.

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