EzeeCube appoints Red Hot Penny to handle digital account



RHP have been appointed by EzeeCube to handle their digital marketing efforts and introducing the concept to market. The brief was won through an introduction from SEKO Logistics, Red Hot Penny’s parent company.

EzeeCube is a super smart media centre built to automatically sync and sort your photos and videos from your family’s multiple devices and store them safely in a home media cloud. The device surpassed its goal of $75,000 on Indiegogo and raised a total of $153,533 in August 2014. EzeeCube differentiates from other media centres by being extendable without any wires, setup, or installation.

With pre-orders available now and a launch date of October 2015, Red Hot Penny have been tasked with the overall management of bringing the brand to market. Services that will be the main focus are PR and Social Media. Red Hot Penny’s strong pedigree of technology PR will secure press relationship foundations on behalf of EzeeCube with the aim of generating positive reviews of the product.

The social media strategy will be launched from the outset, focusing on Twitter and Facebook. Targeting family men between the ages of 30 – 50 years in the UK and America, our social and content team will approach the market by highlighting the key benefits of EzeeCube and how it can solve multiple problems in the modern home.

Ashok Jaiswal, Founder and Systems Architect of EzeeCube, said of the appointment:

EzeeCube is pleased to be working with Red Hot Penny and their extensive list of key technology contacts. Without their personal connections we would not be able to communicate our story to key influencers as effectively. We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Red Hot Penny and seeing the possibilities unfold.


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